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Thought-Based Approach

Help for Your Life

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Supervision for LLPC who have passed the NCE ready to get going! 
Looking for supervision to meet Michigan State requirements? Arizona State requirements? I offer both, at this time I do not have room in my practice to offer referrals. 

Wish Father time was as welcoming as this picture?
Me to! You are fitting a lot in at once, make it work! Efficient and friendly, that is a 
thing. See time, boss up, get done and move on!  I will provide structure. It's up to you to tell me what is best for you. Together we practice counseling techniques that offer a healing, educational journey. I am known to be direct and work best with people who enjoy a challenge. Your lead is your gain. My gain is to see you show up for yourself in this highly competitive field.

Get Sweaty!

Yep, that's right you will sweat! Starting out is uncomfortable and is the first somatic experience you will have. Learning how to embrace this feeling is learning how to be present in the moment with your clients. We process transference together every single supervision session. Dealing with this emotional banter sets you apart from others who do not deal with this un-comfortability. I do not believe in fake it until you make it, I believe in being your authentic self. If your sweating, you're on the right path! 

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